Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live reporting: Discussion items to Closing

3. Discussion Only Items

Policy – First Readings

  • IHBA-R - Programs for Students with Disabilities

policy with an "R" indicates the regulation
upon legal review shortening and simplifying the language
similar to parent handbook

  • IHBHA - Alternative School Programs

also reviewed by legal council, updated language to bring to current regulations
to meet needs of diverse needs of students

  • IJOAB - Extended Field Trips

added finger printing as a requirement in addition to CORI for volunteers on overnight trips
added language to enable the Superintendent to cancel the trip for the safety of the students

4. Action Items

a. I recommend moving the following Policies to a second reading at the next School Committee meeting:

IHBA-R - Programs for Students with Disabilities
IHBHA - Alternative School Programs
IJOAB - Extended Field Trips

motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed 6-0

b. I recommend acceptance of a check for $150.00 from various donors for the FHS Castelline Scholarship.

motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed 6-0

5. Information Matters

Superintendent’s Report

  • New director of music - Diane Plouffe

a coordinated effort with multiple stakeholder groups involved
end result the candidate was among us

Senior project culminating events on Weds
Awards night Thursday
Graduation next week

  • met with the Charter School last week to review their plans for the future

  • Central office went as a team to a conf to participate in "return on investment"

there will be more to come, are what we spending our dollars on really helping what we need for/from the students
did bring a different perspective to the business approach
learning ways to analyze the data

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports
a. Policy Sub Committee

School Committee Liaison Reports

  • school committee coffees being held, three more scheduled
attendance is growing at the sessions

6. New Business
To discuss future business that may be brought before the School Committee.

consider better survey on school calendar to have data for next time

as this is mid-term, what is staus on progress to goals
Superintendent Sabolinski to provide

7. Motion to Adjourn
– Dr. O’Malley

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