Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live reporting: Horace Mann update

b. Horace Mann Update

Colin came up with the idea of a transition video for the 6th graders coming to Horace Mann
should help to reduce anxiousness

lockers create nervousness
locker buddies
switching classes

"pencils are like gold"

The video will be used for the Oak and Thayer students 

"Keep your locker clean"

8th grader got a concussion during 7th grade and had subsequent incidents during this year but the teachers and her classmates helped her out

part of drama club, provided confidence to speak in public
part of student council, raising money for school mascot

screen grab of presentation showing field trip to Chatham to complete the "Finest Hours" reading activities
screen grab of presentation showing field trip to Chatham to complete the "Finest Hours" reading activities

8th grader is also a soccer player and used to making quick decisions
started stress relief to begin understanding the transition to high school

viewed all of the options for elective classes to take, overwhelming at first
explained honors vs CP classes
select a variety of options to provide a variety of options for career path
taking a deep breadth and calming down, will try hard and while not scared will take next step to high school

"All In"
annual tradition of the 'crazy reading ladies'  just 'greatness'
if you have read the book and complete the work, you can go to the movie

if they read the book each year, you earned the title 

the students chose the book "The Finest Hours" this year via popular vote

make books accessible, via library, audio book, and other creative ways
after school sessions to discuss as it goes
usually four to eight weeks to read

the power of social media is amazing, they are still getting used to
the author found about the school reading activity via a tweet

the author hosted a writing workshop for students

Mel Guthro sang every word to the Coast Guard song when introduced at the assembly
explained more detail than the book or movie covered

the piece of the boat was gifted the school

trip to Chatham to visit the lighthouse, beach where the event occurred

they saw the actual boat as it has been restored

How can they top that?

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