Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brick Task Force Update

Sue Rohrbach provides an update on the Brick Task Force and asks for guidence on the report conclusion. The School Committee members comment on the conclusion and what they are looking for.

Time: 7 minutes, 43 seconds

MP3 File

For reference: the Brick Task Force charge can be seen here on the School Committee page

My written notes from this portion of the meeting:

Sue Rohrbach
Brick task force
5 of 6 tasks accomplished thus far, future use topic remains
Looking for guidance in terms of conclusion
Meeting this Saturday for three hours to complete and meet Jan 8th deadline

Roberta - Waiting for the data
Cora - Answer all the charges set forth, decision left to committee and superintendent
Matt – looking for a decision from the committee
Ed – not expecting a formal outcome, address the six issues, will expect that members are not going to be shy about saying what they think
Jeff – don’t get bogged down over any question, gather data and report back with answers to those six questions
Majority/minority report concept okay
Will get all the info, all the data, get all the backup


  1. Thanks for the audio update Steve - couldn't make the meeting.
    The BSTF Sat. meeting starts at 8:00 am for anyone interested in town hall/admin building. Please Note - Charge 6 is future use AND the option of opening the school to Kindergarten children outside of the Davis Thayer district - in a lottery format.

  2. You are most welcome Paula. I have more to share from the meeting but this week has been very busy with work and family commitments. The info has been captured, I'll get it out here soon.