Thursday, February 21, 2008

In the news - martial arts

Getting their kicks

By Joyce Kelly/Daily News staff

When Grandmaster Chang Nam Kang decided to open a tae kwon do school in Massachusetts, he said he sought a community where people value education and "really want to better themselves."

Kang, who said he served as a bodyguard for the president of South Korea and an international referee for the World Taekwondo Federation, decided Franklin was the perfect town for his Mu Han martial arts school.

"This area is focused on education, and martial arts takes a lot of time and dedication. Without discipline and patience, you won't continue. This is for people who really want to better themselves," said Master Jin Oh, who will run the school with Kang.

"To me, this is a good location, because people here want to develop and build themselves," Oh said.

At Mu Han, which means "infinite, unlimited," Kang will act as the lead instructor of tae kwon do, a Korean martial art, and Oh, a sixth-degree black belt and instructor in Attleboro trained in both tae kwon do and kung fu, will also teach. Both learned their art in Korea, their homeland.

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