Wednesday, March 12, 2008


3 minutes: Candidate overview - tell us who you are as a professional and why you are looking to leave your current position

2 minutes: How would you define the role of the School Business Manager/Director?

2 minutes: What safeguards do you employ to insure the budget is balanced annually? What recommendations would you make to the superintendent in the event the budget had to be reduced? (Paula)

2 minutes: Citing specific initiatives or activities, how do you report financial information to Principals/Directors; the Superintendent; and to the School Committee and Town Council? (Ed)

2 minutes: Describe measures you have put in place to streamline and build efficiency into the management of the Business Office. (Ed)

2 minutes: Describe the process you employ to collaborate with the Special Education Director to oversee reimbursement programs (Circuit Breaker/Medicaid) and grants?

2 minutes: Have you ever found yourself in a compromising position whereby your supervisor requested you take action that you felt was not appropriate? If so, how did you handle the situation and whom did you share information with? (Roberta)

2 minutes: Please discuss your skills with respect to conflict resolution-describe a situation whereby you had to resolve a conflict between two colleagues or two staff members?

2 minutes: What has been your most difficult budget issue? (Matt)

2 minutes: Why do you want to work for Franklin Public Schools? (Susan Rohrbach)

2 minutes: Please discuss your experience in overseeing payroll functions-what type of accountability /checks and balances have you put in place? (Cora)

2 minutes: Describe some of the challenges you have had to overcome working with elected officials and municipal administration and explain how you established positive working relationships. (Jeff Roy)

5 Minutes: Follow-up


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