Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Industry: Liko New Disposable Repositioning Sheet

New Disposable Repositioning Sheet for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

    FRANKLIN, Mass., May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Liko, a leading supplier of
patient lifting equipment, has announced the launch of a new disposable
repositioning sheet. Repositioning patients in bed is often cited as one of
the most potentially dangerous care tasks for caregivers and may account
for between 45% to 60% of bedside patient handling injuries.

The new sheet, designated the Solo RepoSheet(TM), is designed for those
patients and residents with specific needs such as isolation patients,
where specific needs exist to control infection and cross-contamination, or
where a method is needed consistent with current laundry control practices.
Outbreaks of MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and C.diff
(Clostridium difficile) and new CMS regulations have greatly increased the
demand for products that can help control nosocomial or
institution-acquired infections.

The Solo RepoSheet is usually applied above the fitted sheet and below
the draw sheet, but can be used in place of the draw sheet. Because the
Solo RepoSheet rests under the patient ready to be used, the sheet is not
composed of ordinary disposable paper-like material, but a fabric made of
100% light weave breathable cotton. The soft fabric was especially selected
for the patient's comfort. The Solo RepoSheet is a single patient use sheet
which should be disposed of when it becomes soiled or when the patient no
longer needs it.

As part of a Safe Lifting Initiative in Healthcare, the Solo RepoSheet
is used in combination with a facility's existing overhead (ceiling) or
mobile floor lifts. In addition to eliminating rotational and compression
forces associated with moving patients up in bed, the Solo RepoSheet can
eliminate cumulative trauma associated with turning patients, holding them
in side-lying, and rotating a patient from supine to prone.

In order to facilitate these patient handling actions, each Solo
RepoSheet has five strap loops sewn securely to each side. One strap loop
is color coded to indicate the head end of the sheet. The strap joints are
sewn onto the sheet without pressure points for maximum comfort and skin
safety. While laundering does not impact the sheet's safety or physical
properties, the original label disintegrates upon washing and exposes a "DO
NOT USE" symbol to prohibit use with other patients.

For more information on the Solo RepoSheet(TM), write to Liko at 122
Grove Street, Franklin, MA 02038, e-mail at, call them at
1-888-545-6671, or visit them at

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