Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"It was mind-boggling, actually"

Posted Jul 23, 2008 @ 12:00 AM


At first, 12-year-old Erin McGinley thought Liam Galvin "was a little crazy" when he looked around and began uttering words to an invisible presence at Franklin Public Library last night, she said.

"There were 12 spirits around his head. He kept telling me things and he said, 'I don't make this stuff up - the spirits tell me,"' McGinley said.

But in the end, Galvin and Joseph Lynch, psychics and spirit mediums who claim to communicate with those on the "other side," astonished and delighted McGinley and her peers with their tarot card readings.

The library's teen advisory board chose tarot card readings as one of several events for the young adult summer reading program, "X-Pect the Un-X-Pected" - which drew 24 girls from age 10 to 18.

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  1. Tarot cards were not intended for psychic readings. They were made to play a card game similar to modern bridge. People did not use tarot cards for fortune telling until long after that deck was created. I think these tarot card readings being promoted by the library are bad not because they are anti-Christian but because they are stereotyping other peoples culture. There are people who play real card games with tarot cards and the psychic stereotypes promoted by these library programs are bad for those who want to teach these games to other people. When we try to teach people these tarot card games, people think we are occult or Satanic. If the library wants to do something about tarot cards, they should teach people that the cards were really made for card games and teach people how to play the tarot games. I think it would be more fun and educational too.