Wednesday, July 23, 2008

live reporting - adult entertainment district, old business, new business

2. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 08-616: Adult Entertainment Establishment Districts-1st Reading
approved for second reading

Old business:

Bartlett - are we going to get a presentation on the new Town website?
Nutting - I believe it is scheduled for Aug 20th.

New business:
Whalen - received a projection about home heating oil costs that this year there would be an increase of 70%, last year there was an increase of 50%. Can we do something to help?

Mason - Can we look at doing something to modify the by-law?

Doak - how pervasive is this problem?

Pfeffer - Could we add a tree to the Fire Station near Rick's?
Can we have an update on the 20/20 plan?

Nutting - part of the 5 year plan committee process

Mason - Can we settle on process for delivery of the meeting package?
Discussion on printing local versus delivery, attempting to save the delivery fee.

Bartlett - can you review the museum status?
Nutting - we are doing the work in house, what happened was we started then a few things came together at once, we took over the school facilities, July vacations, etc. We need 2-3 days with DPW to finish the columns, then they can redo the stairs and railings. The sculpture should be here in September.

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