Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Putting the storm water presentation to use

Franklin: Union St storm drain

Franklin: Union St storm drain 2

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Remembering the storm water presentation from a recent Town Council meeting, I took notice of a couple of storm water grates on a recent walk up Union St. The photos don't show it very well but one of these has some water about 4-6 feet below the surface (apparently the way it should be) and one of these has a dark pile of refuse about 4 inches below the surface (probably not the way it should be).

In either case, the material on the grate should be removed to keep the grate clear to handle the next rainfall.


  1. Are you a citizen of the town or just an observer forbidden to interfere? Why don't you clean the debris from the drains yourself?

  2. In the spirit of positive thinking day, (yes, it is being celebrated today 9/13/08) I have a suggestion for you.

    Step back from reading this.

    Put a smile on your face.

    When you next meet someone, greet them with a smile on your face.

    That is sure to improve the world!

    A little smile goes a long way!