Tuesday, September 9, 2008

live reporting - superintendent replacement

Roy - should we outside, or look inside, or do some combination of both?

Mullen - I think we should look internally, saves some money, internal brings a better start, hit the ground running

Cafasso - last search did take some time and money, with the problems we have we can't afford the focus elsewhere

Kelly - hate to jump on the same train but we have good staff here, let's see what we can do

Trahan - not much more to add than what has been said, it will save us time and money to help us focus on the pressing issues we have

Rohrbach - endorse the concept of going internally first

Roy - do an internal posting via FIRSTClass, put us on a time line to complete the internal search by the end of October

Cafasso - expand it to other recent departures from the system, they have the experience, they probably read the papers and have heard

Approved to go forward this way!

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