Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Live reporting - Zoning bylaw amendment

  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment to Chapter 185-18. Nonconforming Uses and Structures- Dept of Planning & Community Development
Presentation lead by:
David Roche - Building Commissioner
Nick Alfieri - Conservation Agent
Brian Taberner, Director, Downtown Planning and Community Development

Alfieri - As an example, 450 Maple St, built about 28 feet from the road, therefore it is pre-existing as non-confirming, to put a deck on that would be completely compliant still had to go through the Zoning Board of Approvals (ZBA) to get the approval. It will save time and money. This streamlines the ZBA process.

Vallee - this is an excellent amendment

Whalen - sounds good, what would be an example of something more controversial or how it could not be abused?

Alfieri - Speaks directly to single and two-family houses only. Others would still need to go through the ZBA. If the alteration itself is non-conforming, it would still go through the ZBA process.

Doak - how did this change from prior

Alfieri - They split non-conforming structures from non-conforming uses into two separate sections

Cerel - Nick and I worked closely on this, the section is obtuse, in the absence of a local bylaw you had to go through the rigmarole.

Doak - this seems to fall in the category of common sense

Feeley - what would you like us to do with this?

Nutting - put this on the next agenda to put through the process to get to the planning board

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