Monday, December 15, 2008

Births, Deaths, Marriages - 2007

Did you know that the Town of Franklin 2008 Annual Report provides the details, names and dates of those born, died and married during 2007?

  • May 2007 was the most popular month for births with 32, followed closely by July and August with 31 each
  • November and December tied for the least amount of births recorded with 19 each
  • June and August recorded the most deaths with 16 each, followed closely by April and July with 15 each
  • November recorded the least with a total of 6, January was next with 10
  • September edged out June as the most popular choices for wedding dates with a total of 25 versus 22
  • February was the least popular choice of wedding dates with only 2 followed by January and November with 3 each
If you have not picked up your hard copy of the report at Town Hall, you can try to view it online here:

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