Sunday, February 15, 2009

"bargains won’t be difficult to find"

Kathy Stankard writes:
The taxpayers (myself included) will mention that the tax rate did go up slightly while the asessed value went down however we still get alot for our money like newer schools, newer police and fire station, an amazing senior center that for once makes me want to age. We also have an active community and a great small town feel even though the population is nearing 35,000.

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  1. Oh sure we get a police force that is undermanned, a police force that gives more verbal warnings than tickets which I might add could add money to the general fund/town of Franklin for things such as more for the schools.
    Some who argue to raise our taxes and for overrides, must live in a decent home, with good jobs, not in a home that has lost over $80,000 of its worth and paying higher taxes because some people who have those big homes rather have those without the good jobs and fancy cars pay for thier chance to get more.

  2. I would like to add a comment about that 35,000 population that you quoted... In what document did you see 35,000? Franklin has approximately 800 empty homes, and many on the foreclosure list. So please state where that number 35,000 came from, many of us would like to know.
    Also, please explain what town are you describing where everything is so beautiful with a picture book atmosphere and photographed by Homes & Garden?
    The Govt.of the U.S.should spend the people when they 'have' the money, should spend..but from what someone told me over 5 decades ago - You cannot get blood from a stone, and if you don't have it you cannot spend it.
    The High School is approximately 1/6th - 1/7th the age of Harvard & Yale, and it is only 37 years old. If from what has been mentioned about it.. Is it the workmanship from when it was built, or the lack of proactive steps to keep up on the building? it the kids who go to the school that cause much of the damage? If that is the case, then there should be more oversight and someone is lacking in their job performance. It took years to get it to this stage..and the School Committe was in charge of the school for most of it, until recently when they could pawn off their responsibilities.