Thursday, February 19, 2009

Live reporting - Financial Planning Committee (continued)

Executive summary, page 2.

In 1995, the town paid 71% of the school budget, we are now down to 50%.

The idea behind the plan is a call to action. These trends will continue unless action is taken.

If we eliminate services, we can address costs.

If we are too general here, they might miss the point. I think we do need to get an example in their.

March 5th for the trial preview is not likely. We have spent time just on the 3 page executive summary.

You don't have to rush to March 5th. What we have before us will not likely change. The train has already left the station.

Getting this done by April 1st should be our goal.

Need to provide the option. The citizens are either going to vote for or against but there is a choice that the citizens need to make.

Jeff is ready to send the soft copy of all the data accumulated to date.

We will be meeting March 5th. No preview for focus group.
March 19th is the FEF Trivia Bee.
Considering the 12th or 26th? Meet on the 12th.

April 2nd? can that be the focus group? yes

Keep the 26th for a meeting.

April 15th joint meeting of Town Council, School Committee, Finance Committee

TBD - Horace Mann for town wide discussion. 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
(updated 2/24/09 - the date had been tentatively planned for 4/29/09 but that day has a prior commitment)

We are gaining momentum as the material comes together.

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