Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Live reporting - Fire Dept Update

  • Update – Gary McCarraher, Fire Department
Dual purpose (1) to provide an update of how they operate with technology
Street listing updated and synchronized with Town Clerk and Town surveys, maps

(2) Community outreach is starting, if anyone has information that the Fire Dept should know about, please contact them so the database can be updated.

Q - Why do trucks go out on all calls?
A - 44% of the second calls occur before the first one is complete, instead of coming back to the fire station to get the vehicle, they already have it with them.

As a call comes to the dispatch, the information is printed and grabbed by a fireman on the way to ride out with the truck

Lnger term, they want to install laptops in the trucks so additional information can be accessed on the way to the call or at the call

Drill down details available in the dispatch system. For example, the Hazardous material info provides all the details that used to be contained in large books that were hard to flip through in a hurry.

They are mapping in the flow systems on the hydrants from the DPW.
They have access to site plans for commercial and industrial properties.

Anecdote of a woman who lives on one side of Town, her father lives on the other side. If he has a problem, Lifeline is called, she gets called, the Fire Dept is also on the call list. The information of where the key is located in the system so the Fire Dept can assist her father as soon as they arrive.

The dispatch system is about to be wired into the Enhanced 911 system so the call information will be able to pre-populate the information when the call arrives.

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