Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Live reporting - Action items

  1. Resolution 09-06: Appropriation – 2009 Capital Plan (see note below)
  2. Resolution 09-19: Franklin Village Mall, 1000 Franklin Village Drive Acceptance of Covenant with Property Owner Approved 7-0 (the property was originally one parcel, it has technically been split into two, this is to ensure that they still maintain the access road and drainage)
  3. Resolution 09-20: Authorization for Grant of Access Easement over Town-Owned Land Located off Cross Street Approved 7-0 (cleans up the title and access to the property so that Jeff could sign an easement at the closing of the property sale to Walgreens)
  4. Bylaw Amendment 09-630:Amendment to Chapter 37, Town Properties- 2nd Reading (allows Town Administrator to set rules and regulations for the use of Town Buildings) Approved 7-0 (by roll call)

Capital discussion

Motion to move #1 Capital Plan to the April 15th meeting
Approved 7-0

Q - Bartlett - if we didn't spend this money what would happen?
A - Nutting - if we did not buy these vehicles now, we would need to buy more later. The problems don't go away. We spend between a million and 1.5 million to maintain the town operations. If we don't do it, we will get further behind. It would be a major mistake to not spend this capital budget.

Q - Batlett - what was the total request?
A - Nutting - The Fire Dept had more, the schools had more, some were left aside because of decisions by the Building Committee
A - Sabolinksi - Text books are a priority, some history books go back, other books we need additional copies of, the wifi at the high school would enable to students to bring their own systems in for instructional technology

Q - Vallee - is this for the lawnmower?
A - Nutting - this is for a used bucket truck, the used price is considerably less than the new bucket truck would cost.


  1. I saw some bucket trucks in good condition here, . Other equipments are available at low prices too.

  2. Thanks Evan. I know the DPW did use a site like this to find the used one to meet their needs. I'll send this to them in case there is something they can use.