Thursday, April 23, 2009

Live reporting - FPC

Clarification on average annual debt versus actual.

Page 5 of the executive summary, remove the reference to "outsource", it hasn't really been done to amount to much. There has mostly been elimination not outsourcing.

Need to adjust the deficit to ensure the forecast agrees with FY 10. Jeff and Doug to finalize the numbers as close as they can. The numbers may still change but we want to be to in the ball park and not an order of magnitude off.

Medical trends go at double digit growth so we still need to forecast accordingly.

The one-time savings are primarily associated with what was forecasted versus what can get into the budget.

Should we address the teacher retirement as it is not funded by the town? Yes, need to find a place appropriately.

Need to assign responsibilities for computer, screen projection (Jeff)
Microphone one at stage, one each aisle (Jeff)

Go through the executive summary

Discussion on using the connect-cty to notify the town of the meeting Monday night. School system will likely be used to notify the school community.

Discussion on confirmation of broadcasting via cable. Not confirmed yet.

Whole object here is that the problem is real, it is growing, it is systemic.

Use a dashboard on the web to show what the numbers are, they may change over time. It needs to be reflected as what changed and why, not that they "found money".

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