Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live reporting - Human Resources

"We don't control the pensions at all." - Jeff Nutting

"Once you were more than 20 hours a week, then you are in the pension system." That is a county decision.

"They have a fiduciary responsibility to manage their funding."

Health Insurance
Retired Teachers were moved from the State plan to move it to a local control. They have saved $400,000 from the peak of 1.4 M in FY 07.

"It did have a significant savings. The retirees did have angst but are now a very satisfied group." Stephanie McNeil

"The employees have been excellent in changing co-pays to save premium dollars... It is a constant on-going analysis every year." Nutting

The active plans increased 2% and the retired plans dropped about the same so it was really more of a flat (i.e. no rate increase) budget.

Any change in co-pay is a negotiation item with all 13 unions.

Audited the payroll records in detail to review classifications.
The experience rating (i.e. accidents) and a competitive rate recently bid has produced savings in this area this year.

Driven in good times and bad by the school system. The requirement of new teachers to become certified has created some turnover for those teachers on a regular basis.

There is some exposure in this area as the school budget is not finalized and the number of teachers that may be laid off is not known. We did well last year with the 42 teachers that were laid off about 20 of them got jobs right away.

The employee benefits budget of over $7 million was approved.

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