Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unfunded Mandates: Another for the listing

Earlier this week, the Massachusetts Public Health Council, a creature of the state which lacks any “administrative or executive functions” announced a new set of unfunded mandates for local school districts. Beginning with the next school year, school districts will be “required” to calculate student heights and weights into a Body Mass Index measuring their overall proportions. The results must be sent home to parents for students in first, fourth, seventh and 10th grades in a package explaining what they mean and how parents can best combat obesity. The new regulations will be phased into schools over the next 18 months. The full text of these regulations can be viewed by clicking here.
Read the full posting on the Franklin School Committee blog here

This will be another unfunded mandate to add to the listing previously published in the series of 11 posts here.

Sending the message home to the parents/guardians is going to work, right? Aren't those the same folks letting their kids sit and watch TV or play computer games instead of being outside to get exercise?

How does this happen?
A well meaning group of people get together to address a problem and find a solution without completely thinking it through.

Thinking it through needs to include paying for it. The school systems are not sitting around with free time on their hands.

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