Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating Franklin

Why reprint the Administrator's messages from September 2008, January and February of 2009?

Did you read them the first time they were published?

Maybe not.

Did you read them now?


As we get into the 4th of July weekend, "celebrating Franklin", let's look around us and see what is we really are celebrating.

Let's also take some time to think about how we want to continue to live here.
  • What services will we dig into our pockets to pay for?
  • What services can we afford to live without?
The Town budget used to support the 4th of July. For many years local folks took it upon themselves to create the parade, party, and fireworks. The latest iteration of the 4th of July committee has no under taken a year round fund raising effort to maintain this traditional celebration.

Other services around Town are supported by other similar organizational efforts of people passionate enough to continue a "tradition". These organizations raise money in a variety of methods but ultimately, we, the citizens of Franklin do contribute. The Town can raise money via taxes and other fees, or the organizations can raise money from our contributions. We ares still supporting what happens here.

The long range plan produced by the Financial Planning Committee is available on the Town website in two versions: the Executive summary is here (PDF) and the full report is here (PDF).

Please take time during this wonderful weekend to review the reports.

Please make time in the coming months to make you participation in Town Council, School Committee and other important meetings more of the "contact" sport that Jeff mentioned. Show up.
Put in an appearance (or two).
Become informed.

There will be an election later this year to select Town Council and School Committee. There will likely be a special election in 2010 to consider an override to provide additional funds to support the day-today operations of Franklin that we are celebrating this weekend.

Do not let a day go by without becoming more informed.
Your vote will count.

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