Monday, September 21, 2009

Harvest Festival recap

Sunday was a great day for the Harvest Festival in downtown Franklin! If you stayed home to flip between the Pats and the Red Sox, you missed a good time.

Outside Cafe Dolce, Random Play was turning out some good music. The Franklin Republican Town Committee tent was located right there. So close it was hard to have a conversation with the band playing so well.

In the photo above, Don Newton stepped the front with his wireless guitar.

On the triangle over the railroad bridge, Knuf Said was holding forth for their fans arrayed in the shade near their tent.

On Depot St, before heading in to the kids area, Mary Pat McSharry of Closet\and Storage Concepts had their new vehicle and table set up. Nothing like a smart car to show how smartly you can get organized!

I talked with Alan Mercer, Director of Advancement for the New England Center for the Performing Arts about the fund raising they are doing for their new facility to showcase what we know today as the Franklin School for Performing Arts.

I talked with Linda Waters of Back to Business about her new product: Confidence Beads. The website is coming soon.

In front of Rockland Trust, Nothing to No One was getting into their groove.

On such a glorious Sunday, the only real disappointment was in not finding many of the candidates for the Franklin Election in November. Glenn Jones (Town Council) had a tent down by the Post Office (an interview with Glenn is in draft). I did talk with Matt Kelly about setting time for his interview. I met Dan Ballinger for the first time. He may follow up to set up time for an interview with Franklin Matters. Bob Vallee was observed minding one of his grand-daughters. Roberta Trahan (School Committee) worked at the Downtown Partnership table. With no competition for the seven School Committee seats, I am not too worried about that part of the election. The Town Council is respectfully, the more important race this November. If other candidates were around, I missed them in my travels.

It was a real treat to walk down Main St without worrying about the traffic. 

Thanks to the efforts of all involved, especially the Downtown Partnership, the local businesses and vendors, the Franklin Police. This was a great event!

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