Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Live reporting - Policies - 2nd readings

b. Policy - Second Readings
1st reading was in August, changes were implemented since then

1. GBAB Acceptable Use Policy

2. GBAB-E1 Acceptable Use Agreement 6-12

3. GBAB-E2 Acceptable Use Agreement K-5

4. JT Electronic Device Policy

5. JU Electronic Communication Policy

Discussion to clarify the layout of the policies and the placement in the student handbooks. Intent being that the handbooks should be containing the same rules that exist in this policy. The pieces going into the handbooks are what is in front of the committee this evening. (Documents to be added later)

Q - on whether there needs to be additional wording to address a potential teacher/parent harassment situation.
A - Those are already covered by other items in other policies, i.e. the employee sections.

Q - "school sanctioned" - does that need to be defined further?
A - The issue is how far down do you describe the details, especially with the rapid changes in technology. If we run into problems down the road, we can come back and revisit this if necessary.

Q - I like that interpretation, I was thinking 'school' would refer to 'district' but if school truly refers to each individual school then that works for me. Propose to use the language from the GBAB to add to further define the "good behavior".

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