Monday, September 28, 2009

Hold the date! October 17th

Why hold the date?
Are you interested in the new social media technologies? Would you like to learn more about blogging, podcast, Twitter, Facebook, etc? Then the event being held at New England Institute for Technology in Warwick, RI is the one for you.
But I am a beginner?
No problem, this event is geared to the beginners. Yes, if you have some knowledge is this area you can still learn but it is targeted for the "newbies", hence NewBCamp.
How much does it cost?
Only $10. For the price of a movie, or a couple of coffees, you can gain the information you need to keep up with the technology. Don't fall behind. Participate at NewBCamp on October 17th
Tickets go on sale on October 1. The link and additional information will be provided as soon as the registration is open.

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