Monday, September 28, 2009

Mu Han Tae Kwan Do

Mu Han Tae Kwan Do opened in Franklin early in 2008. They chose Franklin because of the areas' emphasis on education. While there are many martial arts schools, Mu Han provides a distinct difference with its approach.

Mu Han is Korean for "no limits". The approach they make to martial arts training at Mu Han is briefly described with two lines:
  1. "Together, the best of the best"
  2. "Be the best _______"
Martial arts is not just a practice, not just a training, it is a way of education. In this light, the first line "together, the best of the best" is understood. You approach being the best from whatever point you start at. You have the opportunity to work with talented and experienced instructors. From your starting point, you make progress. Together you can achieve more.

Practicing with others is very motivational but you are focusing on your improvement not competing with other students. Along the way you learn discipline, confidence and how to practice. When you achieve your goal, you are in a better position to set new goals. You will see the whole landscape with a more experienced view and will set better goals.

The second line bring with it the personalization of your talent or skills. If you are a mother, or a student, or a bricklayer, you can strive to be the best mother, the best student, the best bricklayer.  Be the best (fill in the blank).

Master Chang Nam Kang worked hard on his way from South Korea to the US. He benefited from fortunate connections. For example, while working at a restaurant in Manhattan, his supervisor referred him to an instructor position with Grandmaster Y H Park's school. Master Kang worked with Grandmaster Park's school for three years.  From Manhattan, Master Kang went to Springfield, MA then to Salem, NH before coming back to MA and gradually opening the three locations now associated with Mu Han Tae Kwan Do (Attleboro, Danvers, and Franklin). The students across the three schools have grown to number about 500. Approximately, 60-70 of them have achieved a black belt level.

Mu Han is located in Franklin at 456 West Central St in the same plaza as Elizabeth's Bagels and across the street from Annie's Market. The offer a flexible schedule of classes for all ages of the family. The schedule can be found here  

Mu Han's web site can be found here:

An article from the Milford Daily News was published in 2008 and features a brief video clip of Master Chang and Master Jin in a few demonstrations.
Master Chang was featured on the cover of Tae Kwan Do Times in 2002:
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If you are interested in martial arts training, then the Mu Han Tae Kwan Do School located right here in Franklin would be a good place to consider.

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