Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Live reporting - bylaw hearing

F. HEARINGS -   7:10 PM
1. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 09-637: Amendment to Chapter 185-3. Definitions

Bryan Taberner, Nick Alfieri

 The Planning Board has not voted on these yet.  Jeff Nutting recommends moving as far as a second reading but no further until the Planning Board has acted.

Q - on 3rd family is it included?
A - if it is not mentioned, it is not allowed.

Q - Follow up questions on multi-use like condo units.
A - We trying to restrict the amount of activity in a residential neighborhood, in a condo situation there is more traffic in those areas anyway. we are trying to make the by-law easier to read, understand and enforce.

Q - What is the intent of the by-law?
A - When people buy into a residential neighborhood, they don't expect to find someone running a business out of their house next door and allow for some non-intrusive businesses (i.e cost accountant, piano teacher, etc.).

Q - Why is this coming before us?
A - The building inspector and board of health inspector have found issues where these regulations make it hard to enforce. So we have re-written this to make it clearer and easier to understand.

Q - So by not mentioning other than the one-two family homes, they are not allowed?
A - Yes, 95% of by-law enforcement is complaint based. The condo association would likely get involved before we would.

Motion to close hearing, seconded
Motion to move to first reading, passed 9-0

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