Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Live reporting - MCAS Q&A

Q - How has the budget cuts affected our results?
A - Loosing the curriculum team hurts. We could react quickly to the test results. We don't have the people to do that now. We can respond as timely to these results now. It is falling upon the administration and the principals to do this amongst their other duties. We can work on special projects but it is the only way to get at this.

Sabolinski - We are seeing our most vulnerable learners across the K12 grades in the subgroups suffer via the results.We lost our data analyst in this cycle. It forces the principals and teachers to look at the data directly.

Kingsland-Smith - Neither the State nor the Federal level are slowing down the AYP goals. We are being pulled in multiple directions.

Q - what is the process for a school that doesn't make the grade?
A - It is a rule of thumb that it takes two years to get into a problem and then at least two years to get out of it. It can be anomaly for one year due to special circumstances.If you are in Year 1 of improvement, the State expects that the district will be doing what it can to make progress. If you are in Year Two and not making sufficient improvement, the State can come in and direct some specific programs for improvement.

Cafasso - I would like to see a priority to address the ELA in the next budget process.

Q - How long do you have to comply with a change in curriculum?
A - The testing cycle is in progress when they make a release so it would usually be looked for in the next cycle. Franklin is fortunate to have stayed ahead of the curve because we have had a standing curriculum team. That team is no longer here. It really about professional development and professional learning communities for the teachers.

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