Friday, February 5, 2010

really going to change how the DCR does business

“The DCR forest vision draft, if ever adopted, would represent a major improvement in the state’s practices and policies for cutting on forest lands, because it would much more emphasize stewardship, habitat, recreation, and scenic values, with less emphasis on timber cutting,’’ said Gregor McGregor, a member of the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions, which advises local boards in communities around the state.

The draft plan represents “a paradigm shift,’’ he said, in moving land use away from timbering and toward ecosystem values.
This caught my eye although the Franklin Forest is not specifically mentioned in the article. There is a wealth of additional reading available on the DCR website here:

Last night there was a forum in Westborough, the next closest forum will be on the 11th in Taunton:

Feedback can be provided by attending one of the forums, via email or an online survey. Of course,  there is no restriction against providing feedback in all three methods.

You can read the full article in the Boston Globe West edition from Thursday

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