Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More on cyberbullying

... we need to treat bullying as a public health issue. We reduced teen smoking and drunk driving with massive education programs. We can do the same with bullying.
But it starts at home.
Read all of Kevin Cullen's column in the Boston Globe here.
We’ve learned little in the United States, even though the study cited our national anti-bullying efforts to date. I suspect that the reasons the US bullying rate has not moved are complex. But a good place to start is coming up this Sunday as a huge percentage of Americans will sit down in living rooms and bars and watch the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts play in the Super Bowl.
Most bullying begins with nasty words, and what will we certainly see on Sunday? We’ll see player after player jawing at each other and talking trash. No media outlet seems above glorifying in some way the top trash talkers in sports, whether it is reminiscing about Muhammad Ali or observing the most flamboyant athletes of the moment.
And read all of Derrick Jackson's column in the Boston Globe here

The MA Trial Court Law Library page here has a great collection on the legislation around cyberbullying

My preference is for starting at home. The schools can help but even if they do all they can, when a kid goes home and it is not reinforced, all the effort is lost.

Wha do you think?

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