Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Live reporting - Budget Q & A

Q - Cafasso - please with layout, may come back with some suggestions on showing the numbers

Q - Rohrbach - Can you speak to the late bus?
A - We are looking at it. The ridership and routes are being re-evaluated. Cutting the late bus presented an inequity to the district leaving after school activities for only those students whose parents could help to provide transportation.

Q - Glynn - could you share the spirit of the recommendation on the State Report?
A - Sabolinski - yes, we are under-serving the ELL students. There was some growth recently. We are looking at how to address them. They really need to be addressed as special education.

Q - Roy - I appreciate the fact that this is not being overdone. This covers all the bases we need. One of the questions I have is on the per pupil expenditures.
A - Goodman - this is the amount of money allocated to the school principal for use to serve the school population for no-teacher, facility costs. This is for supplies, copies, etc.

Q - Cafasso  can you share what you are hearing from the Town
A - Roy - I think at the last joint budget discussion putting this together with the Town budget we would be short 2-3 Million. It was an encouraging meeting.
A - Sabolinski - There was a recognition on how much the schools have been cut and a willingness to work with us.

Q - Glynn - with the late bus coming back, were there any other items being brought back?
A - no

Q - Glynn - were there any programs cut?
A  - no

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