Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Live reporting - Legislation

1. Resolution 10-10: Acceptance of Law Chapter 479 of the Acts of 2008
regarding acceptance of actual study for every 3 years, instead of every 2 (saving money)
no downside to acceptance, will need to start setting aside money to fund the liability

Whalen - this is not an issue unique to Franklin, every community is faced with this

motion to accept, passed 6-0

Added resolution 10-11 acceptance of donation from Pierce Murphy for Conservation Commission
Motion to accept, passed 6-0

2. Bylaw Amendment 10-642: Amendment to Chapter 181-6:Wetlands Protection; Notice and Hearings – 1st Reading
Nick Alferi - Conservation Agent
change language in bylaw, treats two avenues for change the same, the State Law make the applicability less ownersome and less costly, applicable to residents

motion to move to second reading - passed 6-0

3. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 10-639: Amendment to Chapter 185-5 Zoning map- 2nd reading
Bryan Taberner, Planning Director
previously discussed, adds 11 parcels to current map to come under the zoning for biotech operations
preparation overall for when the economy does turn around

motion to approve, passed 6-0

4. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 10-640-: Amendment to Chapter 185-42: Biotechnology Uses- 2nd Reading
Brian - again this has been here before, this one removes the special permit required from the Town Council and should bring the town permitting process into alignment with the top communities

Kelly arrives
Advertising currently within real estate journals, will expand now that this is coming into effect into the trade journals to help attract
Has 16,000 in advertising budget will need to spend some on Planning/Conservation so about half would be available for biotech

motion to approve, passed 7-0

Franklin, MA

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