Sunday, March 14, 2010

"It is very difficult to think straight about well being"

The difference between our experience and our memory is fascinating. The colonoscopy patient example is a wonderful story. Not so much about the colonoscopy itself but for what the ending is and how it determines the memory. A story is a combination of changes, significant moments and endings. The ending determines the remembering self not the experience self.

Daniel Kahneman shares his insights on this in this TED Talk.

"Below an income of $60,000 per year, American people are unhappy."

Now moving from happiness to optical illusions. If the visible error can be seen, how can we deal with those other logic errors that don't appear so visible?

Dan Ariely asks "Are we in control of our decisions?"

Why explore these studies on irrational behavior, experience and memory? We are in the budget season. There are a number of discussions underway around priorities. We also have a significant discussion underway on the Town Charter. The charter changes should be done with a good deal of thought for the future. Those who seem to be stuck with people in roles, or people making proposals, are falling into the traps outlined in these talks. Their thoughts are being colored, even coerced in ways that if they were to reconsider, there might be a different result.

Will taking the time to think about this change the way we do things?

There is always hope.

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