Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Live reporting - Community Health Council


3. Presentation by The Community Health Council
Michelle Kingsland-Smith
Bart Pinchuck
Lisa Keohane

Council formed in 2008 to address the Metrowest Community Health Survey results
Still looking for additional members and funding to become a sustaining organization
All activities posted on the Schools website

All activities speak to healthy choices for the children in the community

Carolyn Bomiller, MIAA
W.A.S.T.E.D program returns Tuesday April 27th at Franklin High School

Lisa Keohane, volunteer coordinator for Teenangels

Allie, Katie, Abbie, Kate, Sammy, Justin

created 4 public service announcements for broadcast through the schools

starting to get around to the middle schools and elementary schools

a presentation next week to incoming parents and students for the Annie Sullivan Middle School.

campaign to speak up and tell

prior posts on teenangels

Bart - YMCA healthy futures initiatives
One in three are expected to develop Type II Diabetes
started work with UMass Boston in 2005, pilot program
10 week program to develop better eating habits, working with the student and family
developed the healthy futures to address their 15 service communities
have hired a registered dietitian to help
enlisting help across the community, parents, businesses, etc.

community wide assessment, survey of lunches
Metrowest Community Health Foundation is funding their continued efforts in this
raised garden beds are coming to the community

Franklin, MA

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