Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"schools will be eligible for about 50 percent reimbursement"

The School Building Authority will also visit Franklin's Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School today to look at problems with their hot water and air conditioning systems.
Superintendent-Director Barbara Renzoni said upgrades to those systems could cost a minimum of $350,000.
"I was just (on the roof) looking at the (water storage tanks) and they are all corroded and rusted and leaking," she said.
Both systems are at the end of their life cycles at 33 years old, said Renzoni. The systems are original to the building, she said, and the school has been "nursing them along" for the past few years.
The school's two 250-ton air conditioner "chillers" are so old that they are difficult to fix because their parts are rare, said Renzoni. The refrigerant the chillers use has recently become regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, Renzoni said.
"Contractors are now obligated to disclose how and why they're using it, and the quantity (we use) would not be acceptable," she said.
Renzoni is hoping the School Building Authority can help offset the cost of these capital projects.
"And because Tri-County is sensitive to the 11 member towns' fiscal constraints, the school is only asking the towns for their minimum contribution to the school, which is a number the state determines," said Renzoni, "it further enhances our need for assistance."
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Franklin, MA

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