Saturday, April 24, 2010

There be tires!

It starts with one person. Dave Dobrzynski, local coordinator for the Charles River Watershed Cleanup activities. Dave is at the Whole Foods Market in Bellingham, handing out t-shirts, coordinating assignments for the 300 plus volunteers working to clean the junk along the Charles.

He gets off the phone and says, I have a story for you. The BSA Venture Crew 22 has just pulled 125 tires from along Mine Brook to fill a dumpster at the VFW Post on Pond St. Dave had talked with Brutus Cantoreggi earlier to get a dumpster positioned there and to have a Bobcat clear out some of the prickly underbrush to enable volunteers to get in close to the brook. All that was successful! Dave adds: "A special thanks also to Ken Gormley in the Highway Division of the Franklin DPW for handling all the logistics of getting me the dumpster and clearing out the brush for us."

I headed to the VFW Post 3402 on Pond St.

As I approach, the parking lot has a bunch of cars, a full dumpster, and there is a group of folks with the Charles River clean up blue t-shirts.

Linda Rafuse, leads the Venture Crew. This group was founded about four years ago, has had up to 28 members and currently has 12, half of whom should up to do the volunteer work today.

The work wasn't easy. The tires and other junk has accumulated over the years. Some of the tires actually has small trees growing around or in them.

The photo on the left is deceptive but there is a slope down from the area on the parking lot to the wet lands long Mine Brook.

The work was dirty as evidenced by this close up of Laura Rafuse's jeans.

They used to be a nice clean blue. Not now, after moving the tires and junk up they are filthy!

Yes, there be tires. 125 of them by their count.

I'll validate that the dumpster is indeed full.

Great work folks!

Here is the happy group: (from left to right, front row: David Johnson, Linda Rafuse, Larry Bederian - VPW Post Comander; from left to right, back row: Laura Rafuse, Eric Harden, Robert Marini, Erica Pollock, Nadia Johnson, and Chris Johnson)

Great work folks, Mine Brook thanks you!

If you are between 14 and 20 and would like to join the BSA Venture Crew, you can find additional information on their activities on Facebook here

and here

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