Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Franklin, MA: raised garden beds in progress

I was away this weekend and missed the Earth Day activities, the clean up and the building of the raised garden beds. I visited the Senior Center, ECDC and the Charter School to view the work they did complete on the raised beds.

The raised bed at the Senior Center is located off to the left (facing the front of the building) next to the garden they already have.

A close up of the bed shows it empty.

A walk down the path connecting the  Senior Center to the school complex (Oak St, Horace Mann, and ECDC) revealed the raised bed at ECDC located next to their playground area near the front door.

As you can see, their bed has soil in it and it appears ready to be planted.

Walking over to the Charter School to find their beds eventually led us on a walk around the school.

They have two beds between the school and the Hayward property line. One of the beds is already partially planted and covered with plastic.

The chose a great location. Clear to receive the sunshine and help the garden grow!

The sponsor sign has been located in one of the beds. Thanks to the help from all the volunteers, the YMCA and all the sponsors. This is a good start for Franklin, MA!

"Thank you to the following organizations for Helping our Garden Grow!"

The post announcing the raised garden beds can be found here:


  1. Oh wow! Those aren't your typical "raised" beds, those are some seriously elevated beds!

    I'm afraid between a toddler and my 1000 things to do in my own yard, I just wasn't able to make the event, but I'm SO glad it's happening. Thank you for taking photos, and thanks to everyone who is involved!

  2. Michelle, thanks for your support. Your priorities seem in order; family and house first!