Sunday, May 30, 2010

Frequently asked questions: "Why do parents pay fees for their children to ride the bus?"

Why do parents pay fees for their children to ride the bus or participate in athletics?

Known as user fees, they were implemented to keep costs lower. Per state law, Franklin is only obligated to bus K-6 students that live at least two miles from school. Similar to 200+ Massachusetts communities, Franklin (i) collects a student pay-to-ride fee of $325, which represents two-thirds of the actual cost, and (ii) imposes athletic fees to help lower athletics’ cost or prevent their elimination. Importantly, the override will not result in decreased user or athletic fees but will only maintain current service levels and, if it fails, the School Committee will likely increase user and athletic fees.

One of a series to address frequently asked questions


The special election on June 8th gives Franklin voters the choice:

Increase taxes to continue to provide the services we have this year (and that does not restore any of the services already cut)


Continue to cut municipal services for all and cut educational opportunities for our children

I'll help to provide the information. You need to do two things:
  1. Make your choice
  2. Vote on June 8th

You get bonus points if you talk with your neighbors about this and get them to vote!

Additional information on the override can be found here:

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