Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can social networking help grow my business?

What is digital marketing?

Can social networking help grow my business?

Berry Insurance and the United Regional Chamber of Commerce have joined together to hold a session on June 29th to provide information on how these tools can help. Most of the social media tools are free, hence the ROI on free becomes something to look at.

Details on the event including registration information can be found in the flyer below:

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

The Berry Ins website can be found here:

and the Chamber website here:

and you can register here:

Franklin, MA

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  1. We had an amazing event! Visit our blog at http://www.mainsurancejuice.com/2010/07/massachusetts-berry-insurance-local-business-social-media/ to read all about the event and view te pictures! Many thanks to Berry Insurance, The United Regional Chamber and Astonish Results!