Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Live reporting - presentation on traffic flow

H. PRESENTATIONS/DISCUSSIONS – Downtown Franklin Enhancement Project Proposed Traffic Circulation – Westin & Sampson
Gene Bollinger, Bill Paley (spelling?)

We have been accumulating the grant money since it was awarded in 2004.
A public hearing for the 25% design position, then another for the 75% design, with the hope of getting a shovel in the ground for 2012.
Town Council would have to change the bylaws to change the traffic flow
Intent is to gain the Council endorsement for the traffic changes
This is less intensive than what was done previously
Some property taking is anticipated but nothing major, just strips here and there to enable the crossings and turnings

Interest is to come away with your comments and submit the 25% design to MassDOT
Continue to interact with the public, various department heads, Dean College, Downtown Partnership, etc.

The first board identifies the section of the various projects (HPP and PWED)
The PWED can go sooner as it does not require MassDOT approval.
Utility work already underway to try and compress the overall construction schedule and minimize disruption.
End of curb to end of curb, new or re-surfaced roadways, expanded sidewalks for ADA access.
Light pole, street furnishings, etc.

Traffic circulation would stay as is with the exception of the 1-way to 2-way change on Main St

Emmons, West Central - This intersection offers a level of service B, (A is the top, F is the bottom)
Triangle - This intersection offers a level of service C
all the traffic numbers are based upon the peak period.
Summer St is currently rated an F, it would improve to an A with the light and synchronized with the others
Main St/Emmons - Main would be free flow, Emmons would be stop signed

There are raised tables downtown and near Dean, an elongated speed bump to help the walkers

Signalizing the intersections creates gaps in the traffic where there are no gaps with no signals today

Multiple questions and answers.  This part of the meeting will definitely be better to listen/watch to

3 minute recess

Franklin, MA

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