Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Every VA facility has an Agent Orange Registry"

George Ferguson wasn't surprised when he read about the newly recognized presumptive illnesses related to his time served in Vietnam.
The Franklin resident already collects benefits for type II diabetes, and now, like thousands of Vietnam veterans across the country, Ferguson is waiting to see if the Department of Veterans Affairs will officially recognize the heart disease he's been suffering from since 2005.
"Now I'm just waiting to find out if they will give me disability for my heart disease, and at what rate," he said.
Last year, the VA added three diseases to an existing list of conditions presumed to be the result of exposure to Agent Orange, a toxic defoliant used to destroy jungle foliage in Vietnam and expose the enemy.
B Cell leukemia, ischemic heart disease and Parkinson's disease were added to a list that includes type II diabetes, prostate and lung cancers, Hodgkin's disease and other conditions.
The conditions were officially published in the VA's Federal Registrar last month, and are subject to congressional review until Oct. 31.
Read more about the change in veterans benefits in the Milford Daily News here:

Franklin, MA

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