Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gallery 218: works of the summer

A crowd, behaving nicely with one another. The work came from the summer. When time was freer and easier than dictated by the school bells, the bus schedule or homework requirements.

Intent on observing a video or one of the paintings on the wall. Observation can lead in so many directions.

A self portrait. Is it close? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What can you do with your hands, some paint, paper, or knitting needles and yarn? How handy are you?

These works are a small of what some of the Franklin teachers and students did this summer. Representing all the K-12 schools in the district, there are over 100 works on display at Gallery 218 in Franklin High School.

The Gallery is open immediately before and after school. Access off hours can be arranged by contacting Mike Caple, Director of the Art Program.

Art Bonus:
There is also a showing of some Franklin Teachers works at the Hunakai Studio in Foxboro. The show is called "Art of the Educator" and closes Nov 19th this weekend. Take a drive out this Saturday or Sunday to view it before it closes.

Hunakai School of Fine Arts
16 Chestnut Street Suite 410
Foxboro, MA 02035
(508) 543-5665

Updated 11/5/10 - after posting this about the show at Hunakai, I managed to catch up with Carla to find out more about the show and that it was extended until Nov 19th due to the great reception the show has received.

Franklin, MA

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