Monday, November 22, 2010

"this community has been blessed by their efforts"

Over the last year, Anne Marie Bellavance has presided over the rebirth of the Franklin Food Pantry as its new executive director following the retirement last year of its former leader.
Volunteers at the pantry's office at 43 West Central St. are distributing about 200 "turkey meals in a bag" to families that have met eligibility criteria.
Bellavance said she's seeing more "working families with recently unemployed members" looking for food assistance.
Working with Franklin's Interfaith Council and seven churches, the pantry recently collected 8,000 pounds of food, which has been distributed to about 700 people.
Bellavance credited manager Linda Sottile and volunteers for reviving the food pantry at a time when the economy has left many on the edge.
"We love volunteers. This community has been so ready and willing to help out," she said. "I feel blessed. I think this community has been blessed by their efforts."
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Franklin, MA

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