Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School

The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School (BFCCPS), a highly successful charter school, was founded in 1995. We are located on the town common in the building which previously housed St. Mary’s School. The mission of BFCCPS is “to assist parents in their role as primary educators of their children by providing a classical academic education integrated with sound character development and community service.” The founding parents established a public school that emphasizes character education, community involvement, service and academic dept with outstanding MCAS performance. BFCCPS is a free, public school open to all Massachusetts students in grade K-8 by lottery.

Our students consistently score above average on MCAS and other standardized exams. We have already met the NCLB National Standard for ELA due in 2014. In addition to the MA Curriculum Frameworks, BFCCPS also incorporates the classically oriented Core Knowledge Sequence, created by nationally known author E. D. Hirsch, Jr. All students take French beginning in Kindergarten an all take Latin beginning in Grade 3 on. Other school successes include three French Gold Medals out of fifteen awarded nationally and excellent Latin scores on the respective National Exams.

A sophisticated system of eighth grade individual Capstone student presentations are required as part of our Community Service initiative. Students in all grades participate in community service programs.

A special effort to include parents in the life of our school community as Parents as Primary Educators enriches our school’s culture and supports the parents role as the first educator of their child. Parents can volunteer in and out of the classroom. They are active members on our Board of Trustees and participate in the many overnight and daily field trips.

Another pillar of BFCCPS is Character Education. Character education is infused into the daily education of our students through responsive classroom techniques, academic advising, and integrated curricular lessons.

Our Classical approach to educate the whole child includes: French, Latin, Art and Music. We have been recognized as one of America’s 100 outstanding music schools with over 80% of our students in grades 4-8 participating in one of our four music ensembles. Our grade 6-8 “Arts Block” offers include: Jazz, Drama, Architecture, Graphic Design, Cartooning, Guitar, Songwriters Workshop, Printmaking, Creative Writing, Photoshop, Keyboard, and Film to name a few.

Sophisticated teacher evaluations and teacher empowerment initiatives give way to teacher creativity in the classroom. With the three computer labs, computer projectors installed in all classrooms, and interactive white board technology, we are able to provide cutting edge Technology classes to all students.

As a K-8 public school we service over 440 students. We are now in our 15th year educating students. We are proud of our past and confident of our future as a charter school of excellence. We invite your questions and interest as we continue to serve students in the Town of Franklin and the eleven surrounding districts.

Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School
201 Main Street
Franklin, Massachusetts 02038

From the 2010 Franklin Annual Report

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