Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"concerned about keeping costs in check"

"It's 10 years old and 10 years ago it was state of the art," Rapoza said of the current website. "We want to give our teachers more abilities. We have hundreds of teachers and I want them all to have a web presence." 
All teachers can create a page on the current website, which is hosted on the district's servers and was designed by a volunteer. But posting requires some knowledge of HTML coding and experimentation to ensure information appears correctly. Many teachers have also requested the ability to upload videos, Rapoza said. 
Rapoza hopes a new website, which will be hosted by an outside company, will also be more searchable. Internet users have become accustomed to using Google or other search engines, but the current website relies on navigation trees, forcing people to browse through several layers of pages to find information, he said. 
"The Web overall has changed," Rapoza said. "People are looking for something differently. ... They want to see a big fat search page. The information is there. We just need to change with the times."
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Franklin, MA

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