Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Live reporting - School Building Committee

Kaestle Boos Associates, inc

about 30 people attending (good participation from Council and School Committee)

The meeting is being recorded by Franklin Matters

Committee members (to be filled in later)

The architect normally brings forth three options, tonight we will see a fourth option. The committee makes a recommendation for the MSBA. The MSBA does see all the options and makes a final decision.


Mike McKeon making the presentation

One change to discussion from prior meetings, the space allocated to BICO

Option 1
bus entrance top right of layout as shown in picture

SchBldgComm: Option 1 - overview

small addition for administration to accommodate the entrance
less impact on site

major changes inside the structure
note these are conceptual drawings

SchBldgComm: Option 1 - 1st floor

central space, student commons, open to media center gallery open above (to second floor)
black box theater, cant get a traditional auditorium in the building but did need some space for approx. 400 seats
large courtyard, small courtyard in central entrance space
seating for the black box theater can be folder up and stored in a space along the wall
cafe and kitchen will remain where they are but be heavily renovated
media center important to the culture of the school
field house and gyms will remain in location, structural upgrade for support planned

the upper floor, attempting to bring light into the middle of the building
four clusters on second floor, four clusters on first floor, total of eight clusters

SchBldgComm: Option 1 - 2nd floor

the corridors don't look like much on the drawings but they are complex
one issue being addressed is that the levels are about 30" off, so they are proposing to reconstruct within the existing ceiling to correct the high difference

SchBldgComm: Option 1 - views

no place within the building to hold more than one class (approx. 400 students)

we don't have group areas within the cluster but they are adjacent to it

after a review of the floor plan options, they will review the dollars associated with each and the pros/cons

the lecture space is about 6500 sq ft, about the same size as the small gym

Option 2
adding a fifth tennis court, replace more sidewalks
drop offs same as in #1

SchBldgComm: Option 2 - overview

no small addition for science rooms in this option
the open space remains, but becomes a cafeteria
cluster concepts remain

SchBldgComm: Option 2 - 1st floor

art courtyard shifts from one side to another (by gym)
science moves to the other side (where art was in #1)
main entrance shifts to the main open space as in #1
the current 'main entrance' becomes the 'public entrance'

2nd floor locker room becomes mechanical room

SchBldgComm: Option 2 - 2nd floor

SchBldgComm: Option 2 - views

Option 3
'new building' done before at Westwood high
leaves field house in place, puts a new building on the fields
then takes down the existing building to create the athletic fields

SchBldgComm: Option 3 - lower level

the new building provides more opportunity for levels, going up and down
Panther Way becomes straighter through the property

SchBldgComm: Option 3 - main level

the track and football field would remain
in term of student impact, this is the better option

lower level has cafe and media center, option for outside dining
2 clusters at this level

main level with main entrances also has three clusters
windows to look down into the 'black box' etc. on lower level

SchBldgComm: Option 3 - upper level

upper level has another three clusters (total of eight)
two story space in media center, lots of light

SchBldgComm: Option 3 - views


50-58% of the funding will come from the MSBA
encouraged re-use of model designs

(detail copy of estimates found here)

Option 1 - $73,100,000 - Franklin cost = $30,800,000
Option 2 - $96,400,000 - Franklin cost = $40,800,000
Option 3 - $97,900,000 - Franklin cost = $45,600,000
Option 4 - $91,600,000 - Franklin cost = $38,500,000

the page two sheet needs to be considered if you do Option 1


questions to clarify the options
Option 3 vs. 4, why is the site work double?
the model school would go out more into the filled area of the soil closer to the track/football field than Option 3 would be hence the higher removal/remediation cost.

Whitman-Hanson is one of the model school examples
they have a double gym with an elevated track

Option 4 would take us off the time line (not answered yet as to how far)
The renovation options numbers were coming in so high, what else can we do?

Option 1 vs Option 2 is really comparing apples and oranges due to the changes in the center and around the cafe/kitchen

time frame phases differ
24-36 months for option 1 and 2, more like 24 months for options 3 and 4

is customization allowed in the model school program?
yes, especially for the slope of the ground

controls would be put into place to prevent exposure to hazmat issues for the students and school personnel

Plymouth North one of the model schools is fully air conditioned

The model school program  has been wildly popular

Why would they make us do the model school and not allow us to keep the field house?
The construction design would have to be customized so the savings for the field house would be offset

What do we get for $54M for the renovation?
All new MEP, new electrical, HVAC new, elevators,
we have an estimate, I think the estimate is conservative
the model school program has bids in to compare to, we don't know what will be bid on this

pros/cons sheet handed out (to be added later)

what will the operational costs be?
Franklin High is a very efficient building, so the new building will be somewhat more expensive
a smaller building will be more efficient, less space to heat and cool

Option 3 and 4, are smaller foot print and a third floor
the difference space wise is only 20,000 sq ft amongst the four options

sustainable is re-using what you have, compared to a new building, the renovation of Option 1 is definitely more sustainable

8% contingency for renovation projects, so you may use 5 of it
new custom design carries 5%, and you may use 3% of it
with the model school, it is already been built so the contingency is usually carried at about 3%

the recent bid projects have been coming in under budget

$200-220/ sq ft for renovations, and $260/ sq ft for new constructions
the model schools tend to get more competitive bids (Natick and Norwood recent examples)

Option 3 and 4 cost include the abatement and demolition of the existing building

Jeff Nutting handed out a projection on what it would mean to the taxpayers
level funded as opposed to a higher burden in year one and declining over the terms

the average tax bill would be $230 for a $35M value and $260 for a $40M
the difference is $30/year between a brand new building and a renovation

What is the process for the committee to proceed?
There is no decision being made tonight, I would like to get a consensus from the committee on where to go from here. With the model school option before us, it would be wise to visit one or two of the schools. Get back together again in 3-4 weeks, to come to a decision on which option to recommend for MSBA.

Realistically Option 3 is not likely to be selected
per architect Option1 fits the FHS program better than Option 2

They actually put together the Option 2 first, then after seeing the sticker prices, backed into Option 1

Is there a preference in running the building between 1 and 2?
2 fits the program the best per the FHS
Option 3 and 4 are quicker with no disruption

Classroom sizes are currently smaller than the MSBA requirements, going with the new building we would get larger class rooms

Prior to this week, they were on the agenda for May, likely to be pushed off to July, this would not affect a fall vote. Will give enough time to prepare the due diligence for the presentation to MSBA

Propose to put Option 3 aside
Look at adding from sheet 2 to Option 1 to come up with an Option 1, Option 1.5, Option 2 and Option 4
the sheet 2 stuff are aesthetics and outside grounds

Whitman-Hanson, Hudson, Ashland

You need to bring three options to MSBA and give a recommendation
one of the options may be mute, but there is no negotiation with the MSBA, they will just pick an option

issue with parking, a long walk from the parking
limited with where we could go due to the land adjacent

a more details document of the pros/cons would be needed by the MSBA
the entrances we have been highlighted for students
the public would still maintain the entrances in the front or through the field house

if going to the black box for a performance, I would come in through the front and walk through the corridors not seeing much of where the money went

There is some negotiation even with the model school option after the MSBA has picked
model school is structured more to the enrollment

These numbers are still preliminary!

5 districts have chosen the Whitman-Hanson model, only 1 chose Ashland, 2 chose Hudson

MSBA starts with the ed-spec, then gets into the discussion on scope and site work (can't be more than 8% for site work)

SchBldgComm: Inside entrance Option 1

the goal of all the options was to achieve the same program (visioning exercise)

presentation portion is now complete, closing up

The document handouts from this meeting can be found here:

Franklin, MA

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