Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why Franklin, MA public schools deserve your financial support

If you need proof that your local tax dollars are being spent well at the Franklin, MA public schools, please take a few seconds to look at the following repost from the blog.

The post covers the recent art festival held at the Franklin High School by the school’s Franklin Arts Academy (FAA). The FAA functions as a school within a school. It helps boost the academic achievements of artistically talented Franklin students who might otherwise struggle in a traditional school environment.

Video of the FAA’s art festival
Here’s a short video of the art festival:

Why Franklin public schools deserve your financial support
I brought my two young sons to the art festival thinking I’d be showing them some typical high school art. Instead I came away excited about the vision and dedication of Franklin High’s teaching and administrative staff and very encouraged about the future of Franklin’s public schools. We have something special in the Franklin public schools and we’d be smart to dedicate the funding needed in coming years to maintain the outstanding services we are getting from the system.

As I said in the post: Franklin High School’s excellence in action
It says a lot about the quality and dedication of the educators in the Franklin Public School system that the High School has implemented such a forward-thinking and creative program that truly helps students.
In these times of budget cuts and municipal layoffs, it is refreshing to see such dedication to the ideals of public education. Please remember this the next time you hear complaints about local real estate taxes and municipal spending. Support your public schools!

You can read the whole post here.

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