Thursday, July 28, 2011

"for a lot of reasons it's the best choice"

Town officials originally thought to make repairs to the high school, which has so many problems that a national school accreditation agency put Franklin on warning status. To make the necessary repairs, workers would need to gut the school as the whole building would need to be brought up to the current building code. 
A new building is expected to be constructed atop the current tennis courts, a baseball field and a softball field, putting the school closer to the football field and track. 
Construction would take two years; renovation would have required four years of work, officials have said. 
School leaders have said a key benefit of a new school would be that students could make use of the existing structure while a new one is being built. 
"I think for a lot of reasons it's the best choice, not the least of which (is) there will be no disruption of the educational process," said Thomas Mercer, chairman of the town's School Building Committee.

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