Sunday, July 17, 2011

"may send $65 million in local aid cuts back to towns and cities across the state"

Some towns, which didn't expect to have the money, don't have plans for where it would go. Others are welcoming it to plug late cuts, with their local public bodies, such as selectmen, likely to decide its fate. 
"Certainly the economy has affected state aid over the past several years," Ashland Town Manager John Petrin said. "We always look forward to additional funds." 
Franklin Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting easily came up with areas that need further funding, from balancing the budget to capital projects. 
"Obviously, if it happens, it's great news," he said. "In this economy, any money is good news." 
Many towns have already closed their budgets, but, like Nutting, came up with dozens of items for which the added funds could be used.

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