Thursday, August 11, 2011

"There isn't going to be an option not to do the project."

"This is a very unfortunate, but not unknown increase," said Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting. "It shouldn't be a surprise to anybody." 
The Charles River Pollution Control District has already begun a $19 million project expected to cap the residuals landfill, upgrade security, and upgrade the phosphorus removal and disinfection system, add a scum handling system and replace clarifier mechanisms, among a few other improvements. The town shares the cost with Bellingham, Millis, and Medway, but Franklin's sewer assessment will go up $700,000, said Nutting. 
Then, last year, the council authorized a $7.5 million bond to improve the water system. 
The increases should cost the average customer $40 more in sewer bills the first year and $50 more for water the first year. 
Town Council did not take action on the proposal, but is expected to vote on it at its next meeting.

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While Jeff Nutting is quoted as saying "this should not be a surprise". In 2009, he also said
"We do have time to plan for it per Jeff as this would only kick in for 2015 and beyond."
Apparently the increase is coming in sooner than 2015.

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