Sunday, September 4, 2011

"improving the map for all users"

"Here's one, the Nason Street Tot Lot. That was never there," said Zub, pointing out places in the Franklin map he found and added. "The train station icon over here was on top of BJ's, so people probably thought 'Hey, big parking lot - this must be the train station.' " 
Using a satellite setting on Google Maps to find places that are not yet labeled, and drawing from his own visits to local spots, Zub puts more and more of his hometown on the interactive map every day. 
He has more than 9,000 map edits to his name. 
Zub uses a free program called Google Mapmaker, which allows anyone with Internet access to refine the maps in the Google database. It was introduced to the United States in April. A user goes to and does not have to download the program.

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And the Nason St Tot Lot mentioned in the article:

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  1. If anyone would like to learn more about Google Map Maker and improving their community, or if you are a teacher who would like to show your students how to use Map Maker, feel free to send me an email at

  2. Thanks, Geoff. I will be in touch. This is one area that I have not explored much and I do have some things in mind to do.