Sunday, September 18, 2011

REcycle: helping Bikes Not Bombs

There was order and process to the REcycle Club event yesterday at Franklin High School. The end result was 65 bikes and over $200 collected for Bikes Not Bombs!

Bikes that were donated were lined up.

REcycle_110917 006

Care was taken to not damage the seat as the peddles were removed and the handle bars turned to make the bikes more compact for shipping

REcycle_110917 013

When the bikes were complete they were lined up ready to board the truck

REcycle_110917 007

The truck from Bikes Not Bombs arrived and was ready to be loaded

REcycle_110917 005

And part of the crew processing the bikes paused briefly from their work for a photo:

REcycle_110917 011

From Left to right: Zak Borelli, Cody Williamson, Michael Williams and club leader - Eamon Earls

For more about BikesNotBombs visit their website:

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